For more than 55 years, BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group has guaranteed you expertise in Pharmaceutical, BioTech, Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) / Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) and 503B Outsourcing Facilities Industries.


Global demand is growing in the pharmaceutical industry for proven vaccines and medicines, as well as the increased demand for self-administered medicines through pre-filled syringes, auto-injectors, and wearables. Talent shortages and the influx of new modalities are also significantly impacting the manufacturing process of these life-saving medicines. 

Our fill-finish solutions are continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry and, more importantly, our customers’ operations. We work closely with each customer to solve specific challenges to optimize their packaging operations. Our expertise is based on 55 years of success working with many clients with differing needs in the pharmaceutical market.

By custom integrating modular processing components, our solutions are flexible to meet future needs and automated to ensure product safety and negate labor shortages.


There continues to be an increased focus by biopharmaceutical companies to develop high-value, targeted therapies for smaller patient populations. Manufacturing operations are being re-engineered to meet the growing demands of producing small batches of precision medicines. Segment trends include:

  • Development of continuous flow systems in place of batch processing to improve time, cost efficiency, and patient/product safety.
  • Accelerated use of single-use systems to reduce the risk of product cross-contamination and minimize equipment downtime for cleaning
  • Improved flexibility in manufacturing multiple products concurrently with smaller batch sizes and fast changeovers.

The packaging requirements for biotech are complex, and we have the right solution for you. Our modular components are custom integrated to your specifications, designed with single-use fluid pathway kits, toolless change-over parts for various sizes and types of containers, and automation to process repetitive tasks safely. 

Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) / Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)

CGT/ATMP offers groundbreaking new opportunities for treating disease and injury based on genes, tissues, or cells. Unlike traditional pharma facilities, where you will find closed and automated process technologies designed to manufacture high-volume batches of identical products, CGT/ATMP’s manufacturing is primarily a small batch, operator-driven process. 

Facilities must be created flexibly to have efficient and cost-effective production. This includes flexibility in producing multiple products inside the same facility and adapting and integrating new technologies and processes quickly and efficiently. The critical endpoint in this complex process cycle for cell & gene therapy is packaging the liquid medicinal product into vials, syringes, or IV bags.

Our Vers-A-TechTM machine addresses the needs of Cell & Gene Therapy processing. It is an innovative semi- or fully automatic fill-finish line designed to accelerate the packaging of bags and nested containers on one platform.

503B Outsourcing Facilities

The compounding industry continues to grow in response to continued drug shortages and increased drug costs. 503B Outsourcing Facilities are expanding their processing capacity to meet this demand for ready-to-administer sterile compounded medicines. The processing requirements are complex and require flexibility to accommodate various batch sizes and multiple products.

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